When it comes to blood cleanup is a profession many people wonder how we can do this type of work. Usually it's a matter of overcoming squeamishness learned after years of indoctrination into the "dirty" nature of human blood. And by far and away, it's important to have this idea that light is dirty to some extent, but not in the usual way that we think about dirt. Dirt is, something that is "out of place" and blood has its place. And what is not where it belongs we know that there's some element in and it the qualifies as at least "dirty." In fact, it becomes infectious under the wrong conditions.

When it comes to blood cleanup the concern becomes biohazard's. As a result we call blood cleanup "biohazard cleanup" because blood carries infectious materials lied human immunodeficiency (HIV), hepatitis a, hepatitis C. Any one of these viruses will knock person down dead. In the case of HIV, the virus dies upon contact with the air. Which is say, it's pass by body fluids and usually within enclosed spaces. Hepatitis C, however, can remain as a viable infectious material for up to 16 days in the wild. My in the "wild" we mean outside of its natural habitat. Petri dish will suffice as a "natural habitat" for hepatitis C and cases of blood cleanup work.

If you were to go to this writer's Biosafe website, you would find information related to blood cleanup under the heading of California crime scene cleanup.

There you will find comments about crime scene cleanup be monopolized by corners employs, for example. In fact, it is the corners investigators that control crime scene cleanup in many cases throughout the United States. In San Diego County it is the same process that we call "cronyism" so typical of politics in Washington DC today. They are corporations lobby government officials. Government officials then go to work for these corporations as lobbyists themselves. But this takes us away from the nature blood cleanup and the cleanup of other infectious materials, which is the whole point of this website.

Crime scene cleanup is a variation on biohazard cleanup. It is the glamorized version of blood cleanup to its fullest extent. We find crime scene cleanup and movies in Hollywood related materials. We see documentaries of crime scene cleaners moving around blood soil apartments to remove the aftermath of suicides and homicides. We don't see the corruption perpetrated by our County corner or medical examiner employs. They feed on the emotional upset family members have lost a loved one. Basically, they are in the business of moral corruption to profit off of their County employment, to profit after receiving incomes from taxpayers money.

It's no different anywhere else in the country. Like San Diego, Chattanooga Tennessee has its own corrupt blood cleanup practice followers. It should be anticipated because it is the nature of free enterprise for government employees to go into a business when their government task makes it possible to write the top of profits from private enterprise companies. This is not to say that all corners employees are involved in this business because they are not. They are a tiny fraction. We can bet that there are half a dozen San Diego County court employs that more or less control, monopolize blood cleanup throughout the county. With that said, this is not to say that corners employees in general will not profit by referring families to a select number of blood cleanup companies in return receive a 10% kickback. After goes on across our country every day of the week every day of the year.


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receives a lot more blood related service than other San Diego County cities, and I cannot explain why. Be sure to visit my San Diego County feces cleanup pages if you find yourself vandalized by the homeless population now increases in size almost daily in San Diego County.

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Blood cleanup video - view with caution, extremely graphic suicide cleanup.


Blood cleanup video - Extremely graphic -

Here's a link to San Diego feces cleanup help.