Escondido Blood Related Narrative

I'm Eddie Evans. I run my own cleaning business and do the cleaning myself. I guarantee my work and you have it in writing before work begins. In 16 years I've returned to two blood related cleaning jobs. Doing this type of work demands a willingness to return.

I serve Escondido's blood removal needs every day as needed. Call my telephone at any hour, any day to ask about blood cleanup issues. You need not ask for my services to talk about your blood cleanup situation. Whether a serious traumatic blood loss issues or a death cleanup, I'm here to offer my 17 years experience in the blood cleanup business.

Human blood's odors do not cause disease. Bloodborne pathogens are in blood, not the air.

Biohazards from blood in most places under most conditions has some risk. It's a small risk for those using to wear gloves, mask, bleach, forethought, and caution.

My Blood Removal Fee for Escondido

I rarely go over $1,000. For most San Diego blood cleanup work, I offer a low price and a "not to exceed price" based upon our telephone conversation. I will not go lower than the low price in most cases, but it has happened; I will not go over my not-to-exceed price quoted on the telephone. See this blood cleanup information page.

If we could find a statistical average for my basic service charge, it would be $450.; if I arrive and see that the blood cleanup job is more involved than related on the telephone, not uncommon, then I will explain. In any case, you have a low price and not-to-exceed price as quoted on the telephone.

Once I see the blood and other fluid damage, than can give a firm quote, which will not exceed my not-to-exceed price.

My blood removal fee reflects the cost of doing business in California. Besides taxes, I have other recurring business expenses. Business insurance, biohazard insurance (because of the blood involved), vehicle insurance and maintenance, cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools, telephone, and most expensive, marketing. For example, it cost me many hours and many thousands of dollars for families and businesses in need of blood related services to find me on the Internet. I've cleaned blood related incidents all over California. (return)

Blood cleanup conditions that I consider for Escondido blood cleanup prices and services:

Who is the responsible party for landing in the billing and payment?
Can you tell me about parking conditions?
Did this blood loss event occur in a house, apartment, condominium, townhouse, trailer, mobile home, recreational vehicle, or some other structure?
Is this a business, home, or factory setting?
Is there a working toilet and running water with electricity?
What time can I begin work?
Our pets or children or other occupants to be in the billing during cleaning?
Is the death scene in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, living room, or other living space?
Does this blood cleanup task involved a mattress or other type of furnishings?
What floor blood loss take place, first floor, second floor, third floor? Can you tell me about floor covering?
Can you tell me how long the decedent (person who passed away) was down after death?


What I Ask Escondido Families and Businesses

  • Who is the responsible party, the person making payment; the person with authority to open the premises and make decisions?
  • Is this cleaning task in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, recreational vehicle, other?
  • Is this incident related to a handgun, rifle, knife, unattended death.
  • Is blood removal needed in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, more than one room?
  • Is there parking nearby?
  • Is it possible to begin early in the day?
  • Is running water and electricity available?
  • Will anyone be in the premises during cleaning?
  • Will pets be in the premises during cleaning?

What Happens?

The responsible party emails my email address and I reply. In this way we both have a clear understanding of when and where I will arrive. I also have in writing what needs cleaning and the responsible party has my name and address.

Most often I arrive early. I prefer to reach my destination a couple hours before my cleaning appointment to ensure that I know where I must clean. I then spend time reading, eating, and visiting Home Depot for cleaning supplies.

When I meet the responsible person I give them my business card. I enter the cleaning area to see what tools and cleaning supplies I need. Blood removal often calls for many different approaches.

Once I begin cleaning I prefer not to have others walk through the area. I prefer good lighting. I bag soiled material and take it with me. I leave nothing behind that has been soiled and clean what can be cleaned. I do make decisions and destroy personal property when I deem it necessary; however, I always check with the responsible party when items of sentimental value are involved, pictures and toys for example.

I do not allow others to work with me, to help. Many times family members and family members have offered to help, but I prefer to work alone. When I absolutely cannot move furnishings from a room or building, I dismantle them. Others should not be exposed to human blood needlessly.

When I'm near completion of my work I ask if someone would care to "check my work" because a "new perspective" is often useful.


What I Use

I use over-the-counter cleaning products, except in very special circumstances. Most often I use cleaning materials from Home Depot or some other hardware store. The advantages in using over-the-counter cleaning products is clear to me. My customers can easily find these products and read the product contents. They know beforehand that these products kill, reportedly, 99.9% of biohazard terms. There is a short list:

  • Peroxide .3 percent
  • Clorox bleach
  • Clorox cleaning solution
  • Pine-Sol
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Simple Green
  • Rubber gloes
  • Face mask (in the beginning)

Why All the Caution?

Do use rubber gloves and a face mask if you do do serious blood cleanup yourself. Use a good, metal dust pan for picking up bloody material, bloody towels, broken glass, and so forth.


You may want to look at the video on the video link or other blood cleanup videos on YouTube if you just to do blood cleanup in your own home.
If you do blood cleanup for yourself or family members then you might be inclined to avoid some of the cautions that a professional blood cleanup practitioners use. This is because the better-known biohazards like HIV (human immunodeficiency) and hepatitis B and hepatitis C do not remain infectious for long when exposed to sunlight or what we call the "wild." However, hepatitis C has been found "alive" in the "wild" after 16 days. In this case the viruse's habitat was not so unlike that found in a petri dish.

The above paragraph may make blood cleanup sound like it's not a big deal and it's not really when you consider that humanity has done blood cleanup in its own dwelling places for thousands of years. Many years ago we simply just kick dirt over the fouling substance. These days we know we must remove it because of voters and its fly drawing contents.Because of the newly discovered bile hazards like HIV and hepatitis C, we become more aware of the hazards out there. Using the right chemicals while controlling fluid runoff should help to ensure safety therein and a blood removal activities. Simply spraying lineage, letting the Lynch dwell, and then reapplying bleach before removing, will help to ensure this in fact in the area.

Paper towels can be used to absorb blood and bleach. Using a dustpan or flat no shovel to pick up the paper towels, a good construction bag from Home Depot will serve for containing the soiled paper towels. Other fabrics can be placed in this bag as well. It's best to triple the bag with construction bags from Home Depot.

For less than $20 you can find everything you need to contain blood soiled materials from fabrics and paper. These can be taken to the landfill. It is always good to let the landfill workers know what you have before entering the landfill. Most county government ran landfills will allow you to drop your bag the other soiled materials there. What a mattresses can go in the county landfill, but it's a good idea to warn or inform County employees which you have. They may charge extra for the "special handling."


My Task

My task is to relieve others from cleaning horrific scenes that include homicides, suicides, accidents, unattended deaths, filthy homes, and other bio-waste related scenes.

Professional Cleaning Services for homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths.

Fees: Our fees are fair, reasonable, and well within industry standards for Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning. :

High-velocity, multiple homicide scene cleaning, suicides, suicide decompositions; unattended death decompositions; massive blood loss recovery, automobiles and rigs; traumatic blood loss inside and outside of dwellings, businesses, and industrial settings.

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Odors Related to Blood and Death (What follows may be too graphic and blunt for some Escondido readers; however, families doing an unattended death may find some usefule blood and fluid cleanup information.)

Odors begin to diminish within the first 10 to 20 minutes of cleaning. Whether or not blood and death odors reman after cleaning depends upon a number factors.

In the case of a traumatic blood removal not related to human decomposition, we should expect the blood and death odors to dissipitate at completion of blood death removal. Of course, blood soiled materials like clothing and furniture fabrics must be removed too.

In the case an unattended death with significant decomposition, we can expect blood and death odors to linger. In such cases there's a number of vairables that come into play, and any one of them can add to the time required for blood and death odors to fully dissipate beyond the reach of human perception. These include the following and more:

  • Time the decedant was down after death;
  • Place of death;
  • Room temperature;
  • Ventillation;
  • Manmade and natural, cellular materials present in the death scene room and throughout the premises --

There's a lot going on and the laws of physics (gravity) and chemistry come into play with great force because of temperatures greater than the decedant's body. Blood flows with heat.

The longer a person remains in place following death, the longer nature's forces cause decomposition to take place and pollute the surrounding environment. Clothing, bedding, pillows, sheets, mattress covers, mattresses, carpet, carpet cushion, flooring, walls, and more can become blood soiled.

Body fluids and other matter related to a death scene release strong chemical reactions that carry power odors into the surrounding area. These odors are the result of bacteria releasing gases, which contain sulfur and uric acid fragrances. The molecules from these gases permiate any fabrics with a cellular structure, like cotton garments and wood products. Likewise, manufactured materials with a cellular structure, like carpet padding (the worse) abosorb these offending gases, blood and death odors.

These odors will not harm us, but they will ruin our lunch and they will cling to our clothing as well as much of the material in a room, if not an entire home.


Decomposition Cleanup

Most often my cliants have a genuine concern about blood and deoth odors following a human decomposition, an unattended death. They have a genuine concern because at times an unattended death removal in Escondido may have some serious odor issues because of spring and summer temperatures. It gets hot in Southern California.

In the best of unattended death death removal circumstances (which families have every right to perform in their own homes), an unattended death occurs in a bathroom, on a tiled bathroom floor, and the decedant is down for a hour or so. A small amount of blood may be present (feces will some times be present). A simple application of bleach and water to the floor and quick scrub and rinse will get the job done. Disposable towels can be used for soaking up blood, and when regular bath towels are used, a hot water wash in soapy, bleached water will finish the bathroom's unattended death requirements.

But these are the more simple Escondido unattended death death removal tasks. At their worse, an unattended death occurs on a king size bed, in the summer, and remain for as long as three weeks if not longer. In such cases we find blood related fluids flow to the floor below and at times migrate across the bedroom floor to soak into drywall. If on a second floor, there's a possibility that some fluids may migrate below the bedroom floor. But these the rare cases, but do occur. The resulting odors are horrendous, even for the experienced blood recovery practitioner.

Education: Includes biology, counseling theory and practice -- AA Gen. Ed., BA Sociology, MS Educational Counseling.


Professional Cleaning Training

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) training in Trauma Cleaning, Water Damage, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Inspection, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Installation and Repair, and Odor Control.

California State License Number 134, which is for a California trauma scene practitioner licensed, which is not for blood death removal. Escondido blood related work requires bloodborne pathogen training.


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Escondido blood removal following traumatic injuries need not cost a small fortune.

Homeowners Insurance Welcomed


My job is to relieve others from cleaning horrific trauma scenes that include massive blood loss from homicides, suicides, accidents, unattended deaths, infectious waste.

Professional Blood Removal Services for homicide, suicide, and unattended death issues for Escondido residents and businesses. - -

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receives a lot more blood related service than other San Diego County cities, and I cannot explain why.


Still, though, it's good to know more about Escondido blood cleanup services.

Now, it may seem that I'm charging a lot of money and you'll notice that I write my prizes there for all to see before work begins. More, when you call me we talk about prizes and I offer a low price, which is basically my service charge of $350 for blood cleanup related work, and up to $980 is a not to exceed price. But again printing size mattress I must have at least $1000. Again see conditions above.

In some cases and a suicide cleanup when a shotgun is been used, I may require anywhere from $1200-$1800. But if I can do it for $600-$800 I will. I will discuss prizes when I arrived. All I can say is that my price to be fair and reasonable.

In any case, my competitors generally cannot do the work for better price. There is one condition to some of my suicide cleanup work, and that is I may take two days. It depends on how severe the scene is. Now this makes sense because I have to do a lot of cleaning. I must also look at the clean room after a period of absence. This gives me a new frame a reference and inability to see the scene with "new eyes.".

In any case, I guarantee my work I promise to return quickly through meet your satisfaction within reason.

What do I mean by "within reason." I mean that I'm cleaning the desk scene itself. I'm not cleaning an entire building, an entire house, condominium, apartment, or office. I'm cleaning the desk scene.

What is meant by the death scene adenosine cleanup?

The death scene itself is where the decedent or victim laid upon death. It will include all areas foiled by human affluence, blood and other materials. This type blood cleanup is detailed in nature and gross and both with and death. It can become extensive work and so a second day is not asking too much because I clean solo. It's because I clean alone that I can offer my cleaning services are so little compared to my competitors. Let me explain below what I mean how these situations get out of hand.

Suicide cleanup

Suppose that a suicide occurs in a bathroom with a linoleum floor. Now suppose the victim lays upon the floor for three weeks. After three weeks the body will have decomposed extensively and fluids will have made their way across the floor to the wall. Once at the wall these fluids may penetrate baseboard and begin to migrate up the drywall. Now this may seem frightening at first, my competitors would charge a great deal of money for this issue, but the truth is removing the drywall is not such a big deal. What is a big deal, though, is when the fluids leak into a first floor area from a second-floor deaths in cleanup.

Also, behind the drywall we will find two by fours secured to the floor structure. These may have become contaminated by the blood another affluence from the suicide victim. As a result this material must be sanded off, disinfected, and sealed.

Then part or all of the linoleum must be removed from the bathroom floor. And I mention the toilet? Sometimes the fluids reached the toilet base where they begin to sleep under the toilet. This occurs because the caulking around the toilet is not well kept or too little was placed between the toilet and the floor. In such cases the toilet must be removed.


Sometimes the matter reaches the ceiling and the case of a popcorn ceiling, this cementation is matter on the ceiling must come off. This takes time.

Room Clatter

Sometimes they I velocity weapon causes great pollution of a room because of power of its discharge. The room is cluttered with clothing, books, bottles, ashtrays, shoes, socks, bats, pitcher, electronic, and other materials, these materials must be either sealed and drawn out, or claimed to be retained. This takes many hours. This will increase the price quickly. Negotiations a price must occur before this type of work begins.

It's difficult to say with the overall price would be, other than it will be cheaper than my competitors most cases. I also prefer to have the leeway to work up to two days on a blood cleanup job this complex. Remember, I must travel some hours before and after this type of blood cleanup because of the distance to Escondido.


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Blood cleanup video - view with caution, extremely graphic suicide cleanup.